• You buy one bottle, we supply another abroad. One for one.

    Introducing VitaLives' first Children's Multivitamin.

  • Why we matter

    We let the data speak for itself.

    1 Million

    Children worldwide die of Vitamin 'A' deficiencies annually

    10 - 15 

    Average IQ points lost due to preventable fetal iodine deficiencies


    Annual cost per person for micronutrients to prevent lifelong maladies


     VitaLives vitamins provided to date

  • How it Works

    It's as easy as signing up for a monthly vitamin shipment. We'll take care of the rest.

    Order our children's multivitamins

    For you.

    We'll ship you a high-quality, 90 count bottle of our children's multivitamins from our local manufacturer at your desired frequency.

    We provide stipends

    For others.

    We send funds necessary for partnered health clinics in the developing world to purchase one bottle of multivitamins for every bottle sold in the US. Help us do away with foreign aid dependencies and, instead, provide jobs, income, and economic growth abroad.

    Improve community function

    One for one.

    Citizens of the afflicted areas purchase multivitamins from these pharmacies and hospitals for drastically reduced rates, stimulating local economies.

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